About me

About me

“Making your business visible”

  • 32 Years
  • Vienna
  • Mediadesign since 2013
  • Logo, Corporate Design, Illustration, Image Editing, Printproduction, Motion & Cut, Webdesign

Introduce yourself…

You have an idea and you should reach the world. Introduce yourself and your idea to the people. Give it a suitable visual frame, something optical comprehensible! Striking and recognizable.

Individuality instead of standard

Your idea has a message. It should be brang down to a common denominator, so the audience understand quickly, what your idea is about. Nowadays the attention span is very limited, that’s why your project should have a clear visual manifestation, to make the essentials of your message quick understandable.

Better visibility means more acquaintance

Clear matter: The more your brand is visible the higher is the chance to be percepted and recognizable. With a clear visual identity of your idea, you stay noticeable and raise your acquaintance.

More acquaintance means bigger customer base

Real simple: The more public your brand is the higher is the chance for response of your potentional customers and to raise your customer base. With a Corporate Design you stay visually convincing, at the paper and the world wide web.

Bigger customer base helps to increase sales

Fact is: More customers = more sales. Spread the idea in other customer groups and increase your sales. Think, Improve, Rethink, Reimprove,…if you are interested in growth.

Increased sales means heigher growth

If you want that your idea changes the world, it must grow. When you increase your sales, you can give your idea more financial free space to make it stronger.

I help you with…

  • Logodevelopment/-relaunch/-design
  • structuring and building of a consistent visual overall appereance of your idea/product/company (Corporate Design).
  • designing of classic haptic advertising material and diverse print forms.
  • simple short animations and video editing.
  • conception, development and design of your website.
  • And I’m there for other challenges and projects in the sector of graphics and web.

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